Community Badges & Ranks

  • 18 October 2020
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Community Badges & Ranks
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Interested in shiny badges? Here’s your guide on how to get them and prove your awesomeness. We’ve intentionally kept these very simple to start. Expect more badges & ranks in the coming months!




Name Badge Description / How to Get It
Launch Day


This badge was granted to those who joined and introduced themselves on the SaaSOps Community launch day at Altitude 2020.
Beta Tester


This badge is given to the select group who helped design and beta test this very community. If you see this badge, thank that person for this awesome place :sunglasses:
SaaSOps Star
These badges are awarded to the current and past winners of the SaaSOps Stars Awards. These community members represent the best of the best. 
BetterIT Badge


This group of people were part of the original Slack community. If you see this badge, that person has likely been around the community for a while and has seen a lot. Ask them about Sock Ops, they’ll get it. 
BetterCloud Certified Admin


You are granted this badge when you pass the BetterCloud Certified Admin Exam. Click here for more information on getting BetterCloud certified.




Name Description / How to Get It
New  Create your account and log-in 💥
Active Member

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Active Member / Beta Tester

Rank reserved for our Beta Testers. 

BetterCloud Employee

Rank reserved for BetterCloud Employees

Community Admin Rank reserved for Community Admins


NOTE: we plan on adding more and more badges as time goes on and as the community grows. If you have any thoughts or recommendations for badges you’d like to see, drop a comment below.

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