SaaSOps Community Newsletter #0 | New Year New-sletter

  • 15 January 2021
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SaaSOps Community Newsletter #0 |  New Year New-sletter
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🎉 Welcome to the SaaSOps Community Newsletter!


Welcome to the first edition of the SaaSOps Community Newsletter! This newsletter will be sent out and posted weekly with the goal of keeping you up to date with the best conversations from the SaaSOps Community & Slack, recent BetterCloud updates, and news from the world of SaaSOps. There are lots of awesome things coming to the community this year, so if you don't have time to participate in the Slack, be sure to keep an eye on this newsletter to stay on top of what's happening. As always, if you have any feedback or would like to see other things included in this newsletter, let us know by leaving a comment below.



Top SaaSOps Conversations


@jesse  would like to know more about how IT teams handle their daily standups. If you are looking for tips or have a great way of doing these with your team, be sure to leave a comment.


Are you aware of all the SaaS apps in your enviroment that can send emails on your behalf? If not, it may be time to follow @brianwilkins.gust lead and find out.


Here's a great conversation about the best resources for new Google Workspace admins. If you have a favorite resource or training, be sure to let us know.


In lieu of the recent Parler app ban from AWS, @dominik  asks if you have a plan for such an event. Although unlikely to happen for most, it turned out to be a great thought exercise.



Conversations & Updates

@cal.krome  asks how other admins create JIRA tickets from a BetterCloud Workflow.


@dan-bc  and team are running free BetterCloud Certification Exam readiness sessions that will cover everything you need to know about (and to pass) the certification exam.




BetterCloud Product Update: 

New and Enhanced Actions and Alerts | Dec 15, 2020

For December, we are excited to announce the following new and enhanced actions and alerts for BetterCloud integrations. These new features are part of our continued commitment to broadening and deepening BetterCloud integrations to help IT teams automate management and security workflows in their SaaS environments.


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