Bitbucket Integration

  • 6 January 2021
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See an archived request. Any plans on creating a bitbucket integration?

4 replies

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Hello @dominic.vallejo!


It’s great to meet you! I’m one of the Product Managers here at BetterCloud. While there are no immediate plans to build a Bitbucket integration, it’s definitely on our radar. What are your biggest pain points managing and securing Bitbucket today?





Hi @richard-bc,


Thanks for your response! Our main issues is being able to offboard/onboard employees in bitbucket through bettercloud. We manage most of our Atlassian products this way. We unfortunately don’t have access to your API and resources on our end to get this done on our own.

Do you guys have work arounds?



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@dominic.vallejo what does your typical onboarding/offboarding checklist look like for Bitbucket?


Whenever we need to support an app that isn’t offered natively in the Integration Center, the main workaround is a Custom Integration. As you mentioned, that does require access to the Platform API, but we have a rockstar services team that can help build and deploy Custom Integrations.

There are three specific functions Im looking for:

  • Add members 
  • Add to groups
  • Remove members from groups

Thanks for your help!