Hi all,Can you pass action dynamics fields to custom api webhook callFor example https://HIDDE...

  • 6 August 2020
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Hi all,

Can you pass action dynamics fields to custom api webhook call

For example https://HIDDEN.atlassian.net/rest/api/3/issue/{{action6.Response.key}}/transitions

Is this a valid use of dynamic fields?

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3 replies

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I don’t think I understand the question @dalfonzo. You mean the URL as a dynamic field?


Hey JB, Oh sorry, I mean build custom integration webhook, specifically the destination URL using dynamic field that comes from a workflow action.

In this case, try to call an transition on a ticket, the webhook will look like this:


I create my custom integration with the payload and everything works, the problem is that the ticket number changes every time the workflow runs.

So I wanted to see if I can pass the ticket number that I got as response for Action #1

to the webhook URL on Action#2


We manage to solve this with help of the BC team. The secret sauce was you can call out the {{payload.<field>}} on the webhook URL and that "field" can be in your playload.

For example:

Webhook URL: https://api.com/v2/{{payload.servicedeskticket}}/transitions


and the url will change to

Thanks again guys!