Please add alert for Gmail Delegation

  • 20 January 2021
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The ability to Delegate a Google mailbox in Bettercloud without notifications is a big red flag to me. I could Delegate an execs mailbox without them knowing and view sensitive information, and this should not be taken lightly.
There currently does not exist an Alert for this category, just a canned report on current Delegations.
Can an Alert be made for this?

3 replies

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Hey @glenn.olszewski, I absolutely see where you are coming from. Unfortunately, there is no Alert for this at the moment. I’d recommend voting on this idea:


What you could potentially do for now (although this is a bit more involved, and assumes you have access to the API), is feed the BetterCloud Audit Logs into some logging solution (such as Splunk, Kibana, etc) and then create an alert based on when a BetterCloud user create a Google Email Delegation from the platform. I understand this is a bit of a stretch and leads to more work, but its something you can use in the interim. Happy to talk through this in more depth if you’re interested.


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Hello and thanks.  I keep getting “I don’t have access to this section” when following links provided by support, including the voting one above; please advise.

I’m currently verifying our SIEM is pulling these logs as the event does show up in audit logs, and we can alert from there, but a built-in alert for such a critical item would be nice.  Thanks

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Sorry about that! You should be able to access the Ideas section now. Let me know if you have any issues.