BetterCloud Ideas Portal FAQ

  • 15 December 2020
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BetterCloud Ideas Portal FAQ
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What do the Idea statuses mean?


Needs Review

New Ideas will always get filed and flagged as ‘Needs Review’. This means that a member of the BetterCloud Product Management team has not yet reviewed the request, and/or is working to see if this is something we plan to pursue as a company.


Under Consideration

Ideas that are currently being investigated are typically marked as Under Consideration. These will move to ‘In Development’ or ‘Shipped’ from here on out. However, there can be rare situations, where we move them to Archived, but if we do so, we will try to update it with a Public facing comment with reasoning.


Future Consideration

Ideas that we plan to pursue and have not yet been mapped to our roadmap are set to ‘Future Consideration’. This does not mean that we are going to deliver on this feature, but that we believe it is something we might visit down the road.


In Design

Ideas marked as ‘In Design’ are being worked on by our Design Team.


In Development

Ideas marked as ‘In Development’ are typically under development, being worked on, and on the horizon to be shortly made available.



Ideas that have rolled out in BetterCloud and addressed are marked as ‘Shipped’. 



Ideas marked as Archived are requests/asks that we don’t believe align with our immediate goals. However, these items can be revisited if we continue to receive votes on these requests.



Ideas marked as Duplicate are those that have been merged into another Idea


How do I submit an Idea?

  1. Navigate to: BetterCloud Ideas Portal
  2. Click ‘Create Topic’
  3. Choose ‘Idea’ in the ‘What kind of topic are you creating?’ section
  4. Enter a Title
  5. A list of existing Ideas will pre-populate, check to see if you’re Idea already exists
  6. Fill out the ‘Description’ field
  7. Include any necessary tags 
  8. Click ‘Create’


Who has access to the Ideas Portal?

The BetterCoud Ideas Portal is only accessible to BetterCloud Customers and Partners.


I should have access, but I don’t. Who can I contact?

If you are a customer or partner and believe you should have access, please contact your Customer Success Manager or community@bettercloud.com


How often are new Ideas reviews?

All new ideas are reviewed by our team within 72 hours of posting.



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