Does anyone out there still care about printers? If so, which features do you care about most?

  • 19 March 2021
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This whole story about the latest Windows 10 update’s impact on printers sent me down a printer rabbit hole again. Curious to hear how important printers are to you when you’re provisioning hardware, especially now that we’re all wfh. Do you have any preferred printer features? Does it even matter anymore?

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I want the dumbest printer available. At one company we paid some very expensive Red Team who snuck into the office and ended up getting root on our production systems, how? Printer used LDAP and had a over-permissioned service role based on the IT helpdesk role which had password reset, then they got on the network, did not take them long until they found an admin account to reset and traverse from there until they could change someones SSH key to theirs. 344f81210f244348.png

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Don't forget to patch your printers

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Opinion - I despise printers and think the use of paper to print things is a waste but some people have a legitimate need for outdated reasons.

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I use printers that are as reliable as possible.   My criteria are:

  • PCL drivers
  • Networked printers by reserved IP address
  • No wifi printing, no USB printing
  • Brands that do not install excessive software or require UDP to network (staring angrily at you HP)
  • Laser black & white with a long term cartridge model number that spans several printer models (Lexmark MS 300 to 600 series all used the same toner cartridge.  Eight years of just one supply item for printers.  Bliss!)
  • A web interface (staring angrily at you HP… again)
  • Regularly updated drivers (Canon, Kyocera, Sharp… do better)
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We’re going to swap our gigantic copy printers (installed, maintained, and licensed by a third party 🙃 ) for standard tabletop multifunction printers that you can get at Staples. We print so little (even before the pandemic) that it’s more cost effective to self-manage. Any professional-level print jobs get sent to kinkos anyway.

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