Can someone explain TPM tech on a consumer scale to me?

  • 29 June 2021
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Looks like you won’t be able to run Windows 11 unless your computer has TPM tech. Think this will make things more secure outside of the world of IT-managed computers?

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2 replies

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It might, but I wonder what this means for people who are building custom desktops and such? Also, with this requirement I think Win10 will be around for a bit because companies won’t want to throw out existing laptops that are good for the next 3-5 years that run just fine without TPM currently. 

as consumers we have come to expect to be able to use features like biometric authentication and rotating One time passwords (google or microsoft authenticator or many others), passwordless authentication, and applications that dont need to be “re-authenticated” every time we launch them or every 8 hours.. these are things that we take for granted on mobile devices that need to translate to consumer machines like home desktop computers, laptops and “surface” style machines 

TPM securely enables that functionality