Day 10 of October GTKY Game

  • 29 October 2021
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What’s a nickname you have that has a funny (and work-safe) story?


Answer this question to get one entry into a drawing for one of three mystery prizes, as mentioned here (the rules for the game also live there).

5 replies

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My sister & I used to bowl on a league together with one of her friends. None of us were particularly great, but it was fun. They used to joke that I looked like a penguin waddling when I was bowling, so they started calling me Pingy. They both still call me that to this day. 

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Pingy <3


Also my comment isn’t showing up for some weird reason.. so here is it again:

Surprising absolutely no one, my name is very nicknameable. Yummy, YumYum, Yummers, Yumkins, Yum Dahhhhling… there are many. 


I think the best story about my name though, is the time when someone thought that it was my screen name, and not my real name, even though I always sign “Yum Darling.” They told me how cool it was that my workplace let me use my screen name for Zoom. I hope that person has a really good day. 


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As a kid, my ears stuck out a bit and were a little larger than average. One year at summer camp, someone happened to have a hat that was similar to that the main character in “An American Tail”, which also happened to be too big for my head, and thus for a short period of time, I was “Fievel”.

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As a kid, I had a bright red head of hair, which led to one of my classmates not so affectionately naming me "Fire engine, nee naw nee naw" (yes, with the sound). A little later in Primary school, I also got Terence The Tractor (from Thomas fame).

My current role was where I got my most Americanised nickname. Just "TK". Apparently I was referred to as that by one of my interviewers during deliberations and it just stuck. I'm good with that. I've also had T Bird, T Bone, TeeTee, Tez, Tezza, Tegsy, Ted and lost of other variants.

My mother has only ever called me "Terence". I'm okay with that, too! 😊

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When I was a baby my older sister was talking with my aunt about thanksgiving. My aunt asked her if she was excited to eat some turkey. My sister couldn’t hear the difference between that and “Kirkey” so she thought they were going to eat me and it turned into this whole thing with my uncles teasing her about it and now everyone in my family calls me Turkey even my nieces and nephews.