Day 5 of October GTKY Game

  • 22 October 2021
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When you say you are a SaaSOps professional, do people know what that means?


Answer this question to get one entry into a drawing for one of three mystery prizes, as mentioned here (the rules for the game also live there).

6 replies

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This question…. isn’t really for me. But I did promise to always go first, so here I am! 

As not-a-SaaSOps-professional, I can tell you that it took me a hot second to wrap my brain around who I will be working with. I think I get it now? But in reality, I know I still have a lot more to learn. Most of my career to this point has been in the IT and Software industries, and one thing I was really happy to find out is that most of the SaaSOps pros that I’ve come into contact to, are the same kinds of people I’ve worked with in the past. Fun, funny, smart, innovative, encouraging, accepting, and (perhaps most important) genuine.


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Generally… no. It requires some explanation generally. Fortunately almost everyone recognizes a SaaS product when you name some off, so it becomes easier to explain once they grasp that! It’s also much easier to explain to IT peeps who may not know the term but know what it entails!

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I don’t think I’ve had anyone who just gets it yet. My go to explanation is “I’m a sysadmin for the cloud” and usually I’ll still get some blank stares from non IT folks but everyone else knows enough to get that it’s part of that nebulous “cloud” stuff

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Generally speaking, no. For people with no technical background, I end up just having to say “it’s an IT thing” most of the time. Every now and then, someone has a technical enough background to understand a basic explanation of it. 

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Heck no, because most of the time I'm talking to folks who aren't in the tech game. I do think SaaS is becoming a more pervasive term, though.

When I explain the cloud, I've found most success with "Think of Netflix versus putting a DVD physically into a machine", then do it regularly and automatically because it's Friday and you've had a long week. Ha. Not a perfect analogy by any means but it opens the door...

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Just had this conversation with my wife

Her: What is this conference about?
Me: The internet
Her: :rolling_eyes:
Me: Software as a service
Her: :neutral_face: