Day 7 of October GTKY Game

  • 26 October 2021
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What is something you are very proud of?


Answer this question to get one entry into a drawing for one of three mystery prizes, as mentioned here (the rules for the game also live there).

7 replies

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Probably super cliche, but it’s a thing for a reason. Something I am incredibly proud of…. are my kids. Every one of their accomplishments, their little personalities (I only say little because the kids are little, the personalities are very big), their sense of humor, their adaptability, their understanding.. literally everything they do fills me with sunshine. 

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I’m really proud of my career. I had a lot of trouble in school and had a lot of people tell me I was going to end up working a dead end job forever. In 2010 I left a fast food job and moved to the bay area to start in IT. Even in IT I had a lot of people not give me a chance because I don’t have a degree but I found my passion and haven’t looked back. I’m good at what I do and I love most of the days doing it. 

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My little lad is only four years old so while I love him to bits I'm not quite as proud of him as I know I will be as the years go by!

Pride is a tough one, but I think where I'm feeling that most right now is for my team. We've all been through the ringer in the past 18mo, and not just because of the pandemic. We've managed, like many teams, to pivot and apply or expertise in many ways, help colleagues (and for us, students too) adapt to a new normal, and also for us above all to keep mindfulness and mental well being a big part of our check ins with one another.

By the way - Kirk, the cream rises to the top, mate. Tech is one of those fields where papers are useful but wits, knowledge and application are moreso. Glad to see you're knocking out of the park to coin an American phrase, and loving it too!

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May be a bit of an over-share and maybe somewhat conceited, but I’m most proud of simply being here today.


I suffered in silence with my mental health in my late teens and early 20s, to the point where it was a real question of whether I’d reach my 30s. Fortunately, in my late 20s, I found a very supportive group of friends and took a renewed interest in my own personal mental health. 

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Mental health is so important! We’re glad you’re here, too! I’m glad you found your people!

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I’m also proud of my career, and all of the things I’ve achieved during it. I could never have predicted the path I’ve been fortunate enough to be on. For one role, I had the opportunity to design and build the lobby entry wall for our shiny new office space, which was quite a bit of fun and well appreciated by all.

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I’m proud that I’ve had the courage to do/try things that were uncomfortable or even scary throughout my life.