Day 8 of October GTKY Game

  • 27 October 2021
  • 7 replies

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Do you have an active twitter account, or do you have a favorite account that you think everyone should follow?


Answer this question to get one entry into a drawing for one of three mystery prizes, as mentioned here (the rules for the game also live there).

7 replies

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I’m not very active at the moment - but you’re welcome to follow me on Twitter at @yumismyrealname

Also, shameless plug, if you’re not following BetterCloud, I wouldn’t hate that :)


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I do not have an active twitter account. I had one a long time ago when it was new but made the classic mistake of bad mouthing my employer thinking there’s no way they would see it. I deleted the tweet and never really went back. Nathan Fillion and David Tennant are both fun to follow.

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I don't have an active handle on Twitter (I also assume handle isn't the right word haha), but I was fascinated to hear about Jason Sudeikis' account being sparsely used except to read and react to all the Ted Lasso feedback.

I suppose if I ever get back to the Twitterers I'd end up following folks who can give me some philosophical question to ponder.

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Define “active” - I do have a Twitter account, and I do use it occasionally, but I don’t use it regularly. My most active/fun account to follow is the various Disney accounts - simply because my wife & I are huge Disney nerds. :nerd:

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@Onna_RP “active” aka “I post things and would like to be followed” - otherwise, no pressure. I do love me some Disney! Are there secret Disney accounts I’m missing out on?

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I’ve had my twitter account since 2007, and as years passed, so did my active use. I still check it, and very, very rarely post to it. It’s over at

@Onna_RP and @yumdarling, gotta mention I’m also a Disney fan, and a once-upon-a-time Disneyland castmember!

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Not active on twitterm but I’d recommend following @PFTompkins