Day 9 of October GTKY Game

  • 28 October 2021
  • 7 replies

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If an actor was going to play you in a movie where you WERE NOT THE MAIN CHARACTER, which actor would you choose?


Answer this question to get one entry into a drawing for one of three mystery prizes, as mentioned here (the rules for the game also live there).

7 replies

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Joseph Gordon-Levitt. I think he could nail my sense of humor, wittiness, and overall personality quite well.

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Yes!! I love JGL!! Also - good job at beating me to first comment.. I was taking the Admin Fundamentals training with Dan Gualtieri and lost track of my day! 

If I was going to be played by a celeb, I think I would like it to be Sandra Bullock.. or maybe Tina Fey. Beautiful, funny, and talented - sounds like me (she says as she spills coffee all over her Halloween costume)

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Short answer: David Krumholtz

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I’d want to choose Simon Pegg but casting would probably override me and cast Michael Cera. Sidebar on the question not asked, Edgar Wright would need to direct it or I’m walking off the set lol. 

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Funnily enough mine would also be Simon Pegg, but mainly because we're very similar looking (according to others), and British. There's worse people to be compared to I suppose. I wish I was as funny (or rich!) as him though.

Oddly, I've never been told I look like Michael Sheen, who gets mistaken for Simon Pegg a lot.


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I was recently informed I look like Elie Kemper, so she’d have to play me.

Zach Braff if she’s unavailable.

Henry Rollins.

I think he’d look great as an IT Guy wearing t-shirts with silly one liners on them.