What are your IT team's KPIs for this quarter? This year?

  • 17 February 2021
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Who’s up for educating a layperson like me? I just got done setting some goals for myself this year and wanted to know which KPIs are most important to your IT team in 2021. Have they changed dramatically now that we’re all WFH?

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We have a few categories of KPIs (or KPI-ish-things) we track:

  • Work related to OKRs: we use Objectives & Key Results (OKRs) and we have several IT ones that roll up to org-wide objectives. We track our progress to those
  • Helpdesk stuff: we set up SLAs for First Reply Time, Requester Wait time, Next Reply Time, & Periodic Update. Also track created to solved tickets, one-touch tickets, reopened tickets, satisfaction, backlog, tickets per employee
  • Project stuff: we use scrum (mostly) so we track committed vs delivered points per sprint over time, as well as sprint & epic burndown

I’m not sure any of our KPIs dramatically changed due to work from home, but we placed more focus on some like first reply time & periodic update time. Since people are all remote we wanted to over-communicate whenever possible to reduce anxiety.