What other WFH features would you like to see from Google, Microsoft, etc?

  • 2 March 2021
  • 2 replies


Google launched a bunch of new WFH-oriented updates to Workspace today. Some of them are neat, especially Google Assistant for Workspace. But if you could ask for anything that doesn’t already exist, what would those features be?

2 replies

I would really like to have the option to lock google meet to only my domain.  I work in a school district and we’ve had a few meets where people from outside our domain have managed to join and cause problems.

There’s a ton of small functionality issues with Google Workspaces that have not been fixed since Gmail was new.   Rebranding has always been a waste of time, but they do it often.  They should:

  • Allow admins to publish Contact Groups (these are not Email Groups) to OUs and users
  • Allow Email Groups to update Contact Groups
  • Move the “Email Log Search” to the top of Reports
  • Audits in Reports should link to actual emails and documents instead of just displaying IDs
  • If the business requires that the admin set the password for the user, just let the admin do it instead of constantly changing the workaround
  • Allow the admin to edit the published directory directly
  • There’s a lot more...