Are you worried that employees will use beloved smartphones when they no longer receive security updates?

  • 5 May 2021
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The Galaxy S8 got retired today and will no longer receive software updates. But people really loved that phone. Are you concerned about folks using smartphones for work that are no longer supported?

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1 reply

Two fold answer:

1 - Sandboxing/isolating IoT / BYOD devices.

2 - Management of devices that touch ANY corporate data


Point #1 is pretty self explanatory.  Air gapping and restricting personal devices to an isolated network down to the physical layer is critical in preventing attacks to corporate infrastructure.  You’re only as vulnerable as your least patched device.


Point #2

Any device that touches corporate data should be applicable to some type of MDM and APP (app-protection policy).  Example, Email on your phone - Enroll in Intune.  MDM platforms allow you to configure compliance baselines. 
We for example, only allow iOS 13 or higher devices, and Android 10+.  Strict, defined, policies mitigate risk.