Ability to Remove External File Collaborators of one specific domain but not the other external domains

Recently got my BC admin cert but that shiny PDF is not helping me solve this problem:

I have 5000 files that I need to remove shared access to but only for users of a specific external domain and not other external domains.
So ‘Remove All External File Collaborators’ action is not the answer.

In Okta Workflows I can make my WHEN card a ‘child flow’ then execute the workflow at will by clicking “Test flow” and passing through whatever test data I want…

I can’t really think of a way to do that in BC. I know I can click on an individual or a collection of users, groups or files and run workflows or actions that way but I can’t set IF conditions like I want, and I can’t build a workflow that translates into what I actually want to achieve. We NEED nested IF conditions like Okta workflows…please for the love of….nested if/else logic.

I tried setting up a dummy DLP alert that fires whenever a file is shared with this and then using that as my WHEN on a workflow with a THEN to simply remove a single file collaborator from the file and passing the WHEN user into the dynamic field. But when I attempt to use the remove collaborator from file action directly on a file, it won’t let me select or specify one or all users. I can only specify removing the file owner…not helpful.

My goal:
WHEN: When I say execute.
IF: File collaborators contains ‘’
or rather, WHEN: [Scan, filter, generate target list] Any file contains shared users with ‘’
THEN: (For each)…Remove collaborators with ‘’ from file

How can we remove access from shared google files from users of one specified domain but not others?

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